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20 March 2021


All kicking off

Return to Firhill (sort of)

Our first competitive match this year. Spring is in the air.

As you will have noticed, the site has had a major overhaul. Hope you like it. It is now fully optimised for mobile browsing.

There is a a contact form enabling you to place an order from the site. Also, please feel free to send me a message. Always looking for new ideas and I welcome your feedback.

There are new products. Celebrating historic Cup triumphs as they recede into the fog of time. Featuring a current favourite (of mine) player. Honouring a club legend.

Funds raised for the club now exceed £2700. A tremendous effort by you all. Especially so as there has been little football played lately.

Finally (for now) I would like to thank those who provide help to RedYellow. Posting on social media and providing feedback on my design ideas. Your assistance is invaluable. 

One today.


I started selling t shirts to Jags fans a year ago. It's been an odd year. Despite there being no chance of watching Thistle or, for long periods, leaving the house, you have bought hundreds. As a result, £3000 has been donated to the club. Well done and thank you all.

Hopefully, we will all return to Firhill at the start of next season. A chance to wear our favourite Jags tops in the early season sunshine. That will be a great day.

Don't forget I am always open to suggestions and feedback. Please get in touch.

28 May 2021



Happy New Year


That's 2020 unceremoniously booted out the park.

For me, the year ended brightly with lots of pre-Christmas sales. The total raised for the club rose to over £2.5k. Big thanks to you all for achieving that.

Since launching at the end of March, 203 t shirts have been sold plus over 100 other items. They have been shipped near and New Zealand (and many places in between).

I realise that the site isn't very inspiring to look at but it's inexpensive to run. This makes it possible to continue through lean times. We're here for the long haul. Always thinking about new ideas. Always striving to provide something special for the Jags faithful. The  dream is that one day we might actually get to wear this stuff to an actual real life football match, by a canal rather than by a stream.

Some new products to be launched later this month. Transaction Reports for Nov/Dec will be up in a few days.

Wishing you all a very happy and healthy 2021.

1 January 2021



6 November 2020


Transaction Report



Here endeth a miserable Autumn.

It's not been a fruitful couple of months. I'm not surprised. The night are getting longer and our dear friend Covid is omnipresent. Only eleventy six pounds transferred to the club.

Chin up. Onwards and upwards. That's all about to change...

Two Grand Donated


By the end of August, a total of £2053 has been passed on to the club. Very pleasing, thank you.

The start of the new season is just a few weeks away. Hopefully fans will be able to visit Firhill again.


In  anticipation of an autumnal return, I have introduced two new hoodies. Also offering Keep Warm, Keep Safe discounts on hoodie/snood packages.

Order now and be season prepared.

5 September 2020


Transaction Report

4 August 2020


Transaction Report

Second Month


Happy to say that over £400 was donated to the club this month. 


As expected, after the frenzy of the first month, thing have settled down. The  important thing is that we are now established. The site is up and running, orders are coming in and the club are getting funds. Thanks to your purchases the club have now received over seventeen hundred quid. Not bad considering we have a football club that's not playing football. 

Also this month, news that Caroline Mackie's Go Fund Me page has now raised over 51k. Just shows what a fantastic support Thistle have.


The FTOF t shirts were launched at the end of June and the snoods just a few days ago. These have both helped sales this month. I'm always looking to add new items or change things. If you have any suggestions, get in touch.



The figures


Here endeth the first month.


Thanks to you, it's been busy. The club couldn't want for better support. A lot of orders have been shipped and the money from these  has been passed to the club. I received a transaction report from the club this morning (published below). It shows that £1,358.25 has been donated to the club thanks to your purchases.


One hundred and seventy six items sold. Some shipped to just a stone's throw from Firhill. One t shirt has made a journey of 16,870km. That will be hard to beat unless anyone knows of any Kiwi Jags?


Please get in touch with any suggestions, feedback and more particularly orders!


Thanks ever so much

1 July 2020


Transaction Report

19 June 2020



£1.6k raised


Thanks for all of your orders. Sales have generated £1600 for the club.


I'm now using two printers and they are working through the orders. As orders are shipped money is transferred to the club. Over £800 to date.


Thanks for all you've done. Keep the orders coming.

Change is afoot


New products launching tomorrow which I'm pretty excited about. 

I know...


So, I thought I would update with some numbers and stuff. Orders worth thirteen hundred quid to the club have been placed. The printer is working day and night to keep up. Due to order fulfilment, over £500 has made it into the PTFC bank account. Very pleasing. Thank you all.


With new products arriving I have decided to retire some...erm...less popular designs. Oh well, as the song says, You Can't Catch Every Train. Whatever happened to Johnny G?

If you've been saving for a particular top and find it's no longer in the catalogue, fear not. It hasn't disappeared from my heart. Drop me a line.


Next up will be a segue. Out with the Family Club and in with the new. A subtle change to existing designs.


Is anyone actually reading  this guff?

12 June 2020


You Can't Catch Every Train...

7 June 2020



£1,000 raised


Fantastic news. 

10 days in and you've past the thousand pound mark. It really is a great achievement. Thank you all.


Orders are beginning to be dispatched so on Monday 8 June I will make the first payment to the club. I will get a monthly report from them  which I will publish here.


Working on new ideas to keep thing fresh and fundraising rising. Drop me a line with any thoughts,  virtual  beer and chocolate.


If you have been, thanks for shopping

Big Thank You


72 hours since launch and your orders have raised over £400 for the club. 


Desperate times for Partick Thistle and your response has been phenomenal. Thank you!


Keep the orders coming. Do your bit and I promise to keep the sun shining.


Lots of nice feedback and suggestions. I'm here for you so please do get in touch. 


I will forward money to the club as orders are dispatched. A full log of payments donated will be published here.


At the moment the lead time is around three weeks. Can't do much about that as we are in the not so gentle hands of Madame Corona. 

Best way to ensure early delivery is to order right now. 


Red and Yellow smiles to you all.

31 May 2020



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